About Ja-Mar Mfg


Ja-Mar Mfg., Inc. is  owned and operated by Jim Brewer and his two sons, James and Mark, which is where the business got its name from.  We believe in applying family values to solid manufacturing.

For the past forty years, Ja-Mar Mfg. has manufactured and retailed utility trailers, enclosed trailers, sporting trailers, fuel tank trailers, agricultural trailers, and many more. Since 2007, we've been refocusing our considerable experience and resources to build what we believe to be the best header trailer out there. 

Jim Brewer saw the future in larger and larger headers. He focused his design and manufacturing talents on header trailers that would keep up with the needs of the industry. You can call them header carts, header wagons, header transports, or header trailers, but it all boils down to considering the time you'll save using equipment that gets you there safely and easily. In this industry, we all know time equals money.

Call us at 573-471-9541 or toll free at 800-992-0634