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Family owned and operated since 1978.  Here at Ja-Mar Mfg. we are dedicated to providing you the best combine header trailer in the industry at the best prices you'll find anywhere. You can rest assure owning a Ja-Mar header trailer is a solid investment that pays out over decades to come.

Ja-Mar header trailers are known for how easy they pull at highway speeds. They have adjustable top bar and adjustable rear axles.  Models available are  31' , 36' , 41' , and 46'  with your choice of color. All of our models incorporate the shortest wheel base and highest ground clearance possible. 

Our company offers full service sales, from purchasing to delivering, and we also welcome dealers. To learn more about our header trailers, check out this website and if you have any questions,  then give us a call at 573-471-9541, or email us at jamar@jamarmfg.com.

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